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New showroom display featuring the latest lighting and wooden decor from LZF Lamps and Isidro Ferrer

Marivi Calvo, CEO and artistic director at LZF Lamps, has created a light and energetic showroom display ahead of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February. Featuring new and classic LZF fixtures, the showroom emphasizes the uplifting nature of LZF wooden veneer lamps, their communicative properties and their wide range of application. The display groups Saturnia and Cuad pendant lamps with I-club and X-club wall lamps. Combined, these fixtures create symbol like forms alluding to the existence of a lighting language. On a subconscious level, the viewers recognizes this and is drawn deeper into the space. Drifting effortlessly in another section of the showroom, weaving its way through Dandelions and Spiro pendant lamps, a Koi fish can be seen. The Koi, a lighting delicacy,  is a collaboration between LZF Lab and Inocuo The sign. This light sculpture is representative of a new experimental process for LZF Lamps. A process where through the exploration of light, new and exciting projects can be discovered. The Koi is but the beginning of this  journey. The display also highlights works from the imaginative mind of Isidro Ferrer,  an artist and winner of the prestigious Spanish National Design Award.  Along side some of his private works, two recent collaborations between the artist and LZF are visible. Funny Farm and Life Size, a series of small and large sized wooden characters, give the display a uniquely exciting energy, rouse intrigue and ignite the imagination. Finally the showroom brings forward LZF´s new exhibition trolleys. The trolley, designed by Chmara.Rosinke, will be used at smaller events and fairs across America and Europe, allowing us to exhibit cost effectively in many more fairs and events. Source: LZF Lamps Lighting: LZF Lamps Furniture provided by Expormim Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio Read more news related Lzf Lamps published at Infurma Visit the LZF Lamps sheet at Infurma
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