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New Raindrop light of Lzf Lamps, designed by Javier Herrero

Lzf Lamps brand, with its new philosophy "Wood touched by Light", introduces the suspension lamp Raindrop, designed by Javier Herrero Studio. Like a drop of water is dropped from the sky to light up your room. From Lzf Lamps, Raindrop are delicate wooden drops that remain in suspension and contain in its interior, floating, the main element, the light. With the raindrops you can generate small showers of light that will provide pure visual poetry to any ambiance, weather habitat or installations. Besides, the are shaped from a natural wood, thus, adapting themselves to the different situations that may arise in each space. Raindrops are made with natural wood, in eight different colors and four sizes, ranging from 7x11,8" the smallest to 37,8x59" the largest.

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