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New lighted artwork by Arturo Alvarez at the Dardo Magazine space in Arco Madrid

After the approach to his most artistic facet with the participation in the collective exhibition "Et facta est lux", of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa, Arturo Álvarez continues this exploration with the conceptualization and creation of Encontros.

A collaboration with the editorial Dardo Magazine take two of the light figures of this scuptural group to ARCO Madrid, contemporary Art Fair. They are, in an informational way, at their stand until the end of the fair. Encontros is a group of anthropomorphic slender and impressive figures. The inside light they shine is the subtle expression of the human being’s strength, of its vital energy and potential. They are families of individuals who intend to dialog among themselves, from their own singularities. The sculptures are made with extremely plain and basic forms. However, a closer look reveals that every piece is unique and different; complex in its simplicity.

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