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Nevo by Arturo Alvarez, a perfect choice to light up the Autumn

Arturo Alvarez shows us how the Nevo luminaire blends perfectly with the Autumn. Futuristic, organic aesthetic, like a cloud, it is able to adapt to any environment, creating a relaxed and warmth atmosphere. A vibrant shape that seems to be constantly changing. A cloud of suggestive curves, of impossible volumes where the future intersects with the present in a subtle way. A self-confident shape made of cutting-edge materials. DESIGNER: Arturo Álvarez MATERIAL: SIMETECH® REFERENCES OF PENDANTS: NE04-1, NE04, NE04G, NE04-6, NE04-11 SOURCE OF LIGHT: E-27, E-26 or LED COLOR: white, beige, grey, orange or yellow

Nevo (refs. NE04G)

Nevo (refs. NE04-1)

Source: Arturo Alvarez Photo: Héctor Santos-Díez Read more news related Arturo Alvarez published at Infurma Visit the Arturo Alvarez website Visit the Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma
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