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More than 10 billion combinations to create your own Alphabeta lamp, designed by Luca Nichetto for Hem

Alphabeta, designed by Luca Nichetto exclusively for Hem, is the world's first online-customisable lamp with more than 10 billion combinations. Playful, functional, and truly innovative. Alphabeta shades come in 8 different shapes, each with its own colour besides black and white. This creates a total of 24 available shapes, and thus more than 10 billion possible combinations of top and bottom shades when you combine four pendants. Alphabeta shades are crafted from steel and spun by-hand on a lathe in a factory near Venice, Italy. The result is a smoothing of the metal and pristine finish, with an exceptional durability and high-quality aesthetic.
  The Alphabeta lighting system includes an innovative pendant system which connects two bulbs – one for each shade – allowing for a bi-directional lighting source to brighten up the spaces above and below the lamp. Source: HEM Read more news related HEM published at Infurma Read more news related Luca Nichetto published at Infurma Visit the Hem website
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