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Miguel Herranz designs new collection for B.LUX: Parábola. Interplay of light and reflections

This lamp, designed by Miguel Herranz for B.Luz, plays with the parabola effect to project light, whilist integrating its curved reflector into a square frame, which allows it to adapt better to different ambiences and settings. Parábola has rounded corners which provide geometric balance and soften the overall look of the lamp. Parábola has a mirror in the centre. Its reflective qualities help to create a feeling of depth in the sapce, whilist its position in the centre of the lamp creates a halo of light. The result is an attractive interplay of lights and reflections. Owing to its large-scale format, its architectural character and its technical aesthetic, it is designed particulary with business premises in mind, but also integrates perfectly into the home. It is made from brushed injected polyurethane painted in a matt white finish. Miguel Herranz website B.Lux website
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