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Recycled wood, technology and LED in Astolfo sculptural lamp, designed by Amedeo G. Cavalchini for Lumen Center Italia

Astolfo, fearless knight protagonist of extravagant adventures in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, ran towards memorable venture with his gold spear. From its name ("ast-ulf", whose meaning is probably rescuer spear) arises the new Lumen Center Italia lamp: thin and technological, a bright spear, mechanically inserted in a solid wood stem, recovered from old beams and removed from ancient builds, full of asperities, and history.

Designed by Amedeo G. Cavalchini, it has a thin black anodized aluminium diffuser, with LED light sources, is free from walnut or oak trunk. It could be lodged in different ways, suggesting several uses of lighting. Thanks to sharp and precise carves in solid wood, the light-spear can be placed in three different angles and orientations. In this way you could light up a table by placing light in the same direction, or lodging with an angle of 108 ° for more brightness, or even more in a vertical position to illuminate in an indirect way. On the back of the stem there is another light source placed on the surface of the wood, creating a delightful indirect light. Both light spots, are separately controlled by two buttons on the top of the wood stem, allowing light intensity settings.

The wood ancestral and soothing structure contrasts with LED high technology and with its minimal outline, in a functional and sensorial union which comes from past and projects to future. Astolfo HT version differs as it combines in the stem of the oak wood and the graphite gray metal. Dimensions: L 202 cm x D 24.5 cm x H 143 cm x Finishes: Astolfo: base in solid walnut or oak wood, arm in black anodized aluminium. Astolfo HT: base in FT (fine textured) graphite gray and front oak planking, arm in black anodized aluminium. Family: floor and table lamps.

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