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Lumio by Max Gunawan, a portable lamp for indoor and outdoor that is transformed from a book

The Lumio lamp, designed by Max Gunawan, has been one of the breathtaking products discovered in the “American Design in Paris” exhibition curated by Jacques Barret (Triodo Galerie) at Mona Bismarck American Center, from 17 to 25 may. Lumio is a modern portable lamp that unfolds from a book and can be transformed into multiple forms and functions. It has a minimalist design that combines lasercut wood covers with durable water resistant Tyvek pages containing high-performing LED. With a unique combination of transformable shape and concealed Neodymium magnets, you can personalize Lumio into endless configurations and mount it on almost any surface. Closed, the lamp takes the shape of a hardcover book bound in laser-cut wood. Open, it becomes a sculptural lamp with the versatility to fit any space. Lumio provides you with an elegant lighting solution whether you are throwing an impromptu backyard party or reading a bedtime story to your kids. Lumio is the first product from a studio dedicated to helping people live large with less. The studio is focused on simple, multi-functional objects that are simple, intuitive and beautiful. The lamp is available in three hardcover finishes: walnut, cherry and maple and can be purchased online at the Lumio
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