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Lightyears presents new collections designed by Monica Föster, GamFratesi and Morten Voss at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

From today, Danish company specialized in lighting design, Lightyears, presented its new collections in the world meeting of Scandinavian design, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, with the pendant Lullaby, designed by Monica Föster, the Volume LED table lamp, designed by GamFratesi, and Aeon Rocket pendant, designed by Morten Voss. Lullaby - Design by Monica Föster Taking inspiration from shaping techniques of the acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi, Monica Förster was keen to create a series of pendant lights in sustainable materials that exude opalescence, lightness and grace. The Lullaby pendants are made from stone paper with ash lamellae. The stone paper is fashioned into pentagonal, yet slightly organic-looking shapes using five slender ash lamellae. The ash gives the soft stone paper stability, which translates as a lamp with both shape and character. The shade’s depth and sharp, inward tuck along its lower edge ensure that the light from the pendant doesn’t dazzle. The three pendant sizes, Ø241, 430 and 588 mm, assume the same recognisable shape though they are not entirely identical. The Lullaby pendant lights find application in the private home, whilst also being perfect for use in the interior design of restaurants, hotels, shops and the like, where the light should be soft and atmospheric. Lullaby is ideal for both stand-alone use and grouped into clusters. Volume LED - Design by GamFratesi Inspired by the buttons on an original stereo amplifier from the 1980s, GamFratesi has created the Volume table lamp. Allow yourself to be fascinated by a seemingly forgotten, but significant gesture, where one via a mechanical rotation of a button gains an intuitive understanding of the function – to increase or decrease the volume. With Volume, you will rediscover this direct, responsive feeling. The lampshade is about the size of a palm and thus invites one to move it around and use the lamp in an informal way. One increases or decreases the intensity of the light quite easily – by a simple rotation of the hand on the shade. The small LED table lamp is made of die-cast aluminium and acrylic. Equipped with three Osram 1W LEDs, the lamp emits a pleasant light 360 degrees around and out through the opening at the top of the lamp. The lamp is available in three different colours: blue-black, a petroleum coloured model, and one in light grey. The colour schemes are, like the lamps, named with inspiration from the musical universe: Blackbird, Evergreen and Fade-to-Grey. The lamp is suitable for a side table, bookshelves, bedside table, desk or any work surface. Aeon Rocket - Design by Morten Voss Morten Voss has a penchant for using familiar materials in innovative and striking fashion. Aeon Rocket is the result of his vision of combining metal and polypropylene in a single design. The result is a real pleasure to the eye. This new lamp for Lightyears is the first pendant in history to take full advantage of the luminous qualities of these materials simultaneously in the same pendant. Morten Voss has put a great deal of effort into creating harmonious proportions in this lamp. Aeon Rocket strikes a fine balance between a simple steel/aluminium upper shade and a gauzy lower shade. However, the impression of lightness is created by hours and hours of meticulous manual work. 8 light bands made of recyclable polypropylene are carefully woven together into 100 and 98 round openings respectively, allowing the light to stream through unhindered. The metal upper shade ensures that the lamp casts plenty of light downwards. The polypropylene, in turn, has unique luminous qualities, with the material beautifully illuminated, while still diffusing the light. Suspending the lamp from on high allows you to take advantage of the matching bulb shield to prevent the light source from being visible. Aeon Rocket is available in two sizes, Ø400 and Ø600 mm. It comes in two semi matt colours: Aeon-Black is dark grey, whereas Aeon-Grey is light grey. This striking pendant is perfectly suited to restaurants, hotels and shops, whilst also looking great suspended above the dining table in your own home.

Lightyears presents these novelties at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in a space located at Stand A23:11

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