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laproduqtora designed outdoor wall scone Lune for Estiluz, inspired by the light that escapes during an eclipse

An elliptical, translucent polyethylene design with a seductive metal front plate. That's Lune, a new outdoor wall scone by Estiluz.
Designer Joan Cinca, manager at laproduqtora, sums it up in a few words: “It is inspired by the light that escapes during an eclipse”. A curved decorative front plate conceals the source of light, which floods out vertically over the wall. Face on, this wall sconce appears perfectly spherical, evoking the enigmatic, delicate and magical light of the moon. This enormously versatile sconce is particularly suitable for outdoor use and it looks good in both domestic and contract settings.
Lune does its job to perfection, which is to provide direct or background lighting anywhere in homes, terraces and gardens. It is ideal for signage purposes in public spaces, hotels or in communities. This wall sconce comes in black and white, as well as 30 optional finishes (gold, copper, yellow, chrome, red, turquoise...). It can also be customised with any of the colours from the RAL colour chart.
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