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Karim Rashid designs futuristic looking Cyborg lamp for Martinelli Luce

Karim Rashid, one of today’s most global eclectic designers, is the author for the Cyborg table lamp design project. Created for Martinelli Luce brand, the tripod design has a minimalist jellyfish-like feel. With organic shapes easily recognizable by famous designer, this table lamp takes us to the future, creating a decorative object, functional, minimalist and with a LED source that it's suitable for in any environment, giving the room a distinctive and exclusive touch. Made of cast aluminum painted in three colors - cyan, lime and gray - or natural aluminum finish, Cyborg is equipped with touch-sensitive controls. Height: 31 cm Diameter: 20 cm Read more news related Karim Rashid published at Infurma Read more news related Martinelli Luce published at Infurma Visit the Karim Rashid website Visit the Martinelli Luce website
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