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iSaloni 2015 preview: Axo Light presents new lighting collections Melting Pot and Hoops

Italian design company Axo Light is preparing a new participation at the Milan Design Week 2015 edition and here we can see a preview of new collections. The Melting Pot lamp, designed by Sandro Santantonio, is a a contemporary Tower of Babel, and the Hoops lamp, designed by Giovanni Barbato, combines dynamic and static in perfect balance.

Melting Pot, design Sandro Santantonio A contemporary Tower of Babel featuring a variety of shapes and decorations mingled harmoniously Melting Pot is a collection of pendant and wall-mounted luminaires made up of lampshades with different shapes and decorations assembled together: a novel Tower of Babel, where the diversity of colours and shapes generates harmony. What emerges is a charming architectural construction, an appealing blend of apparently conflicting characters and styles revealing the talent and ideas of a designer bent on creating a contemporary, multi-faceted light source. Light and dark patterns outside, white and gold interiors The lampshades are proposed in pre-defined combinations of light and dark patterns, the former with white interior and the latter with gold interior. The decorative motifs of the external patterns include subtly optical designs, stripes, squares and elegant  stylised floral motifs – all the same on both light and dark versions.

Pendant luminaires available in three different sizes The lampshade unit is held together by means of elastic braces. The framework of the lampshades is made of iron rods coated with self-extinguishing PVC coupled with printed fabric. The gold PVC finish of the interior of the dark version is opaque, while the PVC of the light version allows light to filter through. The pendant luminaires are available in three different sizes: Ø 102 cm with 3 lights, Ø 51 cm with a single light and 120 cm with 4 lights. The wall-mounted luminaire comes in a single version with two lights (37 cm base).

HOOPS, design Giovanni Barbato Orbits of gold Armillary spheres are machines of yore that trace celestial orbits and often represent the sun at their centre. In a similar way, Hoops – the "light machine" – creates orbits of gold in space, in a new concept of astronomy imagined by designer Giovanni Barbato. The warm light of LED Curved wire anchored to a coil core with integrated LED, all finished in 24 k gold. The Hoops collection is available in four suspended versions and two ceiling versions. The warm LED light, dimmable and with up and downlight functions in the suspended versions, becomes a fulcrum of golden circles swirling around it, formed by trails of light that dance around the central star: the Sun.

Information & images by courtesy of Axo Light Read more news related Axo Light published at Infurma Visit the Axo Light website
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