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ìo 3d, perfectly designed, innovative, charismatic: The new Occhio LED series

Perfectly designed, innovative, charismatic: The new io 3d series from Occhio is captivating with its wide range of individual styling options, its fascinating three-dimensional movability, the very latest LED technology and unique details that create an unprecedented ease of experiencing light. The distinctive head seems invisibly joined to the gently angled, flat-profile arm which serves as the basis for the remarkable flexibility of the io 3d. The characteristic grip pads are insulated against heat so that the head can be safely turned in any direction. Easy to exchange, the pads themselves constitute a distinguished design feature that allows giving the lamp a new look at any point of time. The lamp is switched and dimmed manually – with touch-free and intuitive controls. Magical movability The distinctive head and the 22,5° or 45° angular profile arm are connected by a hidden swivel joint that makes the smooth and flexible movement of the io 3d seem almost magical. The innovative 3D spherical joint is revolutionizing the lighting experience: The head can be touched and positioned manually in any direction using the heat insulted signature pads. Individual style worlds But the grip pads are more than just functional elements: They are reverence to the uniqueness of every individual. They are magnetized and can be changed quite easily, thus creating a universe of seven different style worlds. The io ceiling, wall and floor lamps can be individually configured and perfectly matched with any architectural and interior design scenarios. Ease of handling The »joy of light« philosophy is mirrored by every detail of io 3d: The ease of fixing the magnetically attached lens or changing optical elements and color filters is unprecedented and unique. The io high-performance LEDs (switchable between 13 and 18 watt mode / available in various color temperatures) ensure maximum energy efficiency. A simple gesture allows touch-free switching and dimming.   The combination of a modular system with an individual look and feel and extraordinary energy efficiency make Occhio io 3d ideally suited for use in private and public spaces. Occhio website
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