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Icefox, a new interpretation of the classic industrial pendant. Design by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Lightyears

Lightyears company is pleased to be able to present a new pendant series, Icefox, which is the result of a new, successful cooperation with the Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen. A new interpretation of the classic industrial pendant. The new pendant, Icefox, was created through Nicholai Wiig Hansen's vision of a pendant light that provides a soft transition between direct light and the light diffused around the room. A vision that has its roots to his childhood home, where he grew up in a home filled with art created by his father, the world-renowned painter and sculptor Svend Wiig Hansen. After darkness broke out, it was difficult to see the many paintings on the walls from the light of the lamps. Icefox meets these criteria through its low, open design, which ensures a broad diffusion of light. Icefox is a fine balance between the feminine curves of the shade, the raw grey surface and the transparent top. The pendant appears to be a new interpretation of the classic industrial pendant light thanks to its soft shapes and the marked top. The top, which has obvious references to frozen solid ice, lights up beautifully, when the pendant is turned on. Icefox is available in two sizes, Ø260 and Ø380mm. Its industrial look makes Icefox an obvious choice for a venue with raw, minimalist decoration such as restaurants, shops and private homes. Source: Lightyears Read more news related Lightyears published in Infurma Visit the Lightyears website
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