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GERA Lighting System 4 receives Interior Innovation Award 2013

Light is becoming increasingly important as an element of interior design. For many years now, GERA has understood that rooms can be structured and furniture practically modelled using light and the company has therefore dedicated itself to manufacturing lamps that permit both of these. Now, GERA’s Lighting System 4 has been presented with the highly-coveted Interior Innovation Award 2013. Managing Director Hening Pölitz was thrilled by the jury’s positive response: “We regard this award as recognition of our experience and innovative strength in light design.” In 2002 imm cologne and the German Design Council sought to initiate an independent, sector-oriented award. The result: the Interior Innovation Award. Today it is considered one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. The GERA Lighting System 4 is modular in design and can be installed in the most diverse solutions. As an illuminated adjustable or fixed shelf, it can be fitted in cabinets, but is also perfect as a standalone item of light furniture in the form of an illuminated glass shelf. Thomas Ritt, designer and Product Manager at GERA Leuchten, talks about the design and the impact of the award-winning lighting system: “In the case of GERA’s Lighting System 4, our aim was to create interior design accents for furniture and rooms using linear and wide-area light. Room niches and corners can also be highlighted and become the focal point of a room using illuminated glass shelves based on the GERA Lighting System 4. To this end, the “bookless” idea emphasises more the pleasant ambience than it does the storage function of a light shelving system. But the lamp itself should also provide a design accent with this form of use, as it formally influences the appearance of the room as well. The glass shelf stands out with its filigree design, while its clear linearity and minimalist character contrast surprisingly with its considerable load-bearing capacity. And this design concept also comes into its own with the adjustable and fixed shelves in cabinets. “With continuous, absolutely glare-free lighting, the cabinet becomes part of the room’s overall lighting concept, creating light furniture that is the consequence of the rapid development and miniaturisation of LED technology over the past few years”, explains Thomas Ritt. As a multifunctional, modular system that can either be integrated into furniture or be a standalone item of furniture, GERA’s Lighting System 4 is also a perfect analogy for the development of GERA Leuchten as a company – because the firm, originally established purely as a supplier to the furniture industry, has meanwhile developed into a manufacturer of light furniture. “For us, the Interior Innovation Award 2013 is evidence and confirmation that we have embarked on the right path with our products and concepts”, comments Hening Pölitz. Source: GERA Visit the GERA website Further information about Interior Innovation Awards
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