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García Requejo-Candelabro launches new international offices in Chile and Poland

The interior decoration designer and manufacturer company García Requejo - Candelabro was founded more than 50 years ago as a family business and it continues nowadays developing their internationalization. From the beginning of 2014 they have reached new international markets and open new offices in addition to the already existing ones, they are now present in Russia, India France, United Kingdom, Ireland & Portugal. The latest incorporations, Chile & Poland, have already acknowledge their first positive results by establishing business relationships and holding many meetings with large corporate groups from the Contract & Hospitality fields. They have also reached new selling points such as Singapore, USA and many other European countries. The international venture of Garcia Requejo - Candelabro started very soon after the company was founded,  it began very slowly, with a deep and exhaustive market research, but soon their great innovative designs and an amazing capacity for adaptation made possible the conquest of the first international markets. Garcia Requejo – Candelabro’s products can now be found in more than 40 countries throughout the 5 continents. GARCIA REQUEJO-CANDELABRO WILL TAKE PART IN THE 17TH EDITION OF THE BATIMATEC FAIR IN ALGERIA The spanish company will take part from the 4th till the 8th of may in the 17th edition of BATIMATEC international fair in Algeria. BATIMATEC is a construction fair focused in the construction and/or refurbishment of public buildings and reunites every year a large number of the most important algerian companies from the construction business, as well as many government & business association’s representatives. For the first time, and together with other spanish companies that already have commercial activities in Algeria, the products of García Requejo-Candelabro and part if its team, will be present at this prestigious fair. García Requejo-Candelabro has been focused in the internationalization of its products for several decades now, and has already conquered more than 40 countries. Source: García Requejo-Candelabro Read more news related Garica Requejo-Candelabro published at Infurma Visit the García Requejo-Candelabro website Visit the García Reuqejo-Candelabro sheet at Infurma
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