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García Requejo-Candelabro is now a registered trademark in Russia

The company GARCÍA REQUEJO-CANDELABRO, maintains its expansion in the market after over 50 years, being pioneer in a multitude of designs and making trend in the competitive high-end décor market. The company´s contribution to the ISALONI WORLDWIDE MOSCOW international fair along the last few years, together with the warm welcome that  the company´s original designs have received, has allowed it to export and settle down in Russia, in such a way that it has now a registered trademark. Nowadays, due to the internationalization of the markets and the solid global expansion of the company GARCÍA REQUEJO-CANDELABRO , its professional export and marketing team has considered essential to protect the company´s image at an international level. After the experience of being a registered trademark in Europe, the company has also registered its mark in Russia, one of the most important emerging markets. Russia has the largest population in Europe, with 150 million people, and with the largest surface area (about 34 times the area of Spain). GARCÍA REQUEJO-CANDELABRO ´S contribution to the ISALONI WORLDWIDE MOSCOW international fair has allowed it to see that the majority of the commercial services, financial services and industries are concentrated in the Moscow area, capital of the country and its economic engine. Source: García Requejo-Candelabro Read more news related Garica Requejo-Candelabro published at Infurma Visit the García Requejo-Candelabro website Visit the García Reuqejo-Candelabro sheet at Infurma
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