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Designer Francesco Rota shows us the novelties for Lema, Living Divani, Paola Lenti, Oluce and Kme companies that we can see at Milan Design Week

Milan based designer Francesco Rota presents new products designed for companies such as Lema, Living Divani, Paola Lenti, Oluce or Kme and can be seen at the Milan Design Week, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, to be held from 17 to 22 April 2012.


  Lema The absolute stars of the new production are 3_Pod, a tripod table, and Combo, a set of low modular tables made up of four trapezoidal components that can be freely modulated in a graphic interplay thanks to the two types of elements offered, either with a framed top or flush with the upper part. Pavillion 7 Stand B15 C24_Salone internazionale del mobile Rho (Mi)


Living divani A perfect balance between classic connotations and a vocation to the most informal type of relaxation inspires this family of Hinge stools with their rigorous and balanced elegance, which complete the series of small tables presented in 2010. Pavillion 5 Stand E19_Salone internazionale del mobile Rho (Mi)



Paola Lenti It continues the ‘more than 10-year-long’ collaboration with the company, whose stylistic, identifying feature is the functionality of indoor and outdoor items in which the balance between research into materials, simplicity of shapes and the character of colour/aesthetic choices becomes an unmistakable quality, marked this year by some reinterpretations and by the extension of ongoing collections, like the Kimono sofa, featuring a special upholstery that has been designed with sartorial care and that resembles a kimono, or new outdoor proposals such as the innovative and playful Adagio, the lawn basket swing. Via San Barnaba 38 Milano


Oluce A project taking the shape of new products and of a special installation to illustrate innovation in lighting, pursued by the Company since 1962. A spectacular installation in the showroom in Via Borgonuovo, with a highly emotional impact though focused at the same time on the technical features of each single item, and which showcases, for the first time ever, the new family of lamps Kin with Plexiglas diffuser, supplied by an innovative, ultra-performing, mains voltage, highly-efficient LED Via Borgonuovo 1 Milano


Kme Hexagonal and trapezoidal shapes derived from those in which given chemical elements crystallize, such as Beryllium which the Beryl tray is named after: an everyday object with multiple functions, created in this case with an innovative material such as copper - the only apparent quirk in a project featuring a balanced and functional design Via Francesco Sforza 2 Milano


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