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Curtain, an impacting and versatile lighting system designed by Arik Levy for Vibia

Curtain is a new lighting typology, a combined light fitting and partitioning system. A light fitting that is equally functional in the off as the on position. One of the novelties presented by Spanish company Vibia at Euroluce 2015 in Milan, designed by Arik Levy

The system is more a lighting experience than a traditional light fitting. Curtain can be used in a myriad of ways depending on the different applications of the various versions; as a suspended chandelier of assorted hanging light planes, a feature light fitting above a dining table, an installation within a reception or public space or equally as a floor to ceiling partition system for office and professional spaces. There are three different variations of the Curtain system which combine elements in slightly different ways; the version with top rail LED fitting, the version with bottom rail LED fitting and the version with both top and bottom rail LED fitting which is most suitable for use as a partition system.

Each version reacts with the reflecting qualities of the hanging fabric which in turn is specific to each of the different versions, playing with the tonal shadows and patterns of the textiles. The system is manufactured in different widths and lengths, adjustable in terms of the suspension cables used to support the fitting from the ceiling. Curtain is also very impacting when used as a partitioning system within large open plan spaces such as offices where architectural design and character is an important consideration.
Curtain - Euroluce 2015
Curtain - Euroluce 2015
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