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Cornet lighting collection by Estiluz. The wind instrument inspires Gabriel Teixidó

Its aesthetics and name refer us to a Cornet, a wind instrument that has inspired Gabriel Teixidó give the shape of a Cornet, the new lighting collection by Estiluz.
Cornet is a lamp of small dimensions, in all its versions, and particularly repeats the same structure formed by two conical pieces joined at their ends, one of which is an orientation adjustable shade for normal room lighting and reading tasks. It is available in nickel matt, red or white.
The wall fixture lamp is available in three versions: the first consists of an orientation adjustable shade for reading and a square base where the switch can be found, with one rounded corner. The second, with an identical design, has a larger base size and has two possibilities to be placed on the right or on the left side. It also includes a direct light emerging from the base, making this model ideal for installing on both sides of the bed. Finally, a much more minimalist, where the wall fixture is presented in its purest form, uniquely combining two cones and for this a remote installation of the LED transformer is required.
The desktop lamp version has an orientation adjustable base and a switch on the cable. All versions offer LED lighting.
Cornet by Estiluz, is a model of sculptural design that brings a modern feel to any space. Source: Estiluz Read more news related Estiluz published at Infurma Visit the Estiluz website
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