Cortina pedant lamp by DAM. Playing with light as a delicate curtain

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Let the heat, the light and the nature come into your life! Close your eyes and imagine a piece of land floating in the air at your room. There you have. Recently, Portuguese design brand DAM launched the Cortina pendant lamp. 
The shape is casted from a block cork which evokes a piece of land levitating. The metal sheet with its reflecting surfaces valorizes the light and form a perfect contrast with the warm aspect of the natural cork. So, Cortina values the light, the land and the nature, transposing the outside garden to indoors. 
The lamp integrates LED lighting that lasts for a lifetime, being durable and sustainable. It provides direct light which make it perfect for offices, bars, restaurants, over a desk or a dining table. Due to its main material, it also helps reduce the environmental noise, given the material’s sound absorbing properties. 
CORTINA / pendant lamp  
Designed by: Hugo Silva and Joana Santos. 
Materials:  Composite dark cork and metal. 
Finishing: Colourless aqueous coating (cork) and copper finish (metal). 
Lamp: LED lighting with energy savings up to 60% and lifetime over 50.000h.  
Metal cord and “cold white” textile or “grumpy black” textile, L150 cm. 
Size: W50 x D12 x H16 cm / W19,7’’xD4,7’’xH6,3’’ (small size); W100 x D12 x H16 cm / W39,4’’xD4,7’’xH6,3’’ (big size). 
Source: DAM 
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