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Carpet, multifunctional luminaire designed by SerraydelaRocha for Estiluz

Carpet by Estiluz, is an original design that is both beautiful and multi-functional. This luminaire is the work of design studio SerraydelaRocha, and features a uniquely functional and versatile design.

SerraydelaRocha has created a lamp with high emotional and poetic value for Estiluz. The glass envelops the light, trapping it inside, but finally gives way lighting the room.
CARPET is available in three versions: as a sconce only, as a sconce with an additional reading light component and a table version.

The wall sconce for bed includes an adjustable reading arm with LED technology, which emerges from the bottom of the sconce. To make this lamp even more useful, Carpet also has a dual switch for the main and reading lamps. The CARPET lamp is evidence of Estiluz's philosophy to pioneer the latest technologies, adapting it to new lighting systems. Three versions of the CARPET have two parts: a welded, machined and painted metal plate base that includes the lamp holder, drivers and the electric components and acrylic shade that serves as a diffuser. Special care has been taken with the glass diffuser, which has a soft, matt texture to guarantee high quality light. This means that CARPET illuminates the room and the senses.

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