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Caos, the new lighting collection by Arturo Alvarez. Reflections, sparkles and shadows, the disordered order

In 2014 the Spanish company arturo alvarez celebrates twenty years and wanted to capture their values ​​related to human being and their emotions. One of its new collections is Caos, made with a new material, a cellulose cord that comes from recycled materials. Very resistant and rigid, it allows making organic forms and volumes within an apparent disorder. "Is the primitive stage of cosmos before the gods and the basic forces. Is the crack that exists between heaven and earth. Disarray that finally becomes ordered in a harmonic and beautiful volume, full of energy, movement and light". Arturo Alvarez. Caos, is a pendant collection, there are two models, one in two different sizes with divers shade lengths to choose, and several pendant compositions of three, four or six options that could be mixed in one or many colors. arturo alvarez defends, for twenty years, a production entirely handmade. Behind every design there are human beings, skilled craftsmen, which give it soul and life. Source: Arturo Alvarez Read more news related Arturo Alvarez published at Infurma Visit the Arturo Alvarez website Visit the Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma
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