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Arturo Alvarez presents its Scandinavian products at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Arturo Alvarez will exhibit at next edition of the Stockholm Furniture Fair & Light, the leading design fair in Scandinavia, which will be held from 7 to 11 February, 2012. In an space located at stand A09: 50, Arturo Alvarez displayed its products with Nordic feel. New for 2012, Arturo Alvarez launches Norr lamp, designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom, who explains: "Norr lamp takes its starting point from my Scandinavian roots and the materials often used here. The wool and wood create a warm and cozy atmosphere as well as they invite you to touch it and feel the materials. I wanted to create a lamp that would feel like a piece of furniture in itself and that can be interacted with. The handle urges you to move the lamp around to wherever it is mostly needed. The lampshade is made by six pieces of wool united by a zip that allows to change every piece of wool with a different one in another colour". Coral, designed by Arturo Alvarez, will be another highlight collection presented in Sotckholm. On it, they tell: "An organic look for a collection of wraparound and warm luminaires that refers us to the origins of life, the sea. Shapes that remind us of the beauty and richness of coral reefs. Silicone mesh revolutionizes and thrills the markets with volume, different textures and endless possibilities. Using five different but complementary models from its CORAL collection of pendant lamps, arturo alvarez is presenting one of its most spectacular pieces, both due to its size as well as for its constructive beauty. With this sculptural piece, arturo alvarez aims at giving decorating professional ideas so that they can create as many combinations as possible in their lighting, depending on the needs of the relevant project. The CORAL collection is composed of five organic shapes that recall objects on the seabed. The warmth of the light that passes through the material created by the company and which has become its star material, puts the final touch on the entire arrangement". Read more about Arturo Alvarez published in this Blog Arturo Alvarez website Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma
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