Arturo Alvarez and Hector Serrano join together to design Ballet, a flexible and fickle lamp

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For one of this year’s collections, Arturo Álvarez has worked with the designer Héctor Serrano once more in a creative process inspired by the choice of materials itself. The SIMETECH® and the steel mesh bring these graceful and light lamps to life, designs in which movement is the main feature.

arturo alvarez_Ballet collection_amb_22

Ballet is a pendant lamp collection designed by Héctor Serrano and created from the experimentation with SIMETECH®. Its shapes are formed by the superposition or gathering of its vertexes, allowing freedom for the own flexibility of the material. The resulting three volumes are fluid and natural due to the tension of the SIMETECH®. Its asymmetry makes its forms change depending on the point of view. Plié, Releve, Elance… a constant dance of light and shadows.

SIMETECH® is a innovative material created by Arturo Álvarez made of stainless stell mesh covered with silicone.

arturo alvarez_Ballet collection_amb_1

arturo alvarez_Ballet Relevearturo alvarez_Ballet Pliéarturo alvarez_Ballet Elance

Manufacturer: arturo alvarez
Designer: Héctor Serrano, 2016
Colours: White, grey, beige, yellow or orange

Source: Arturo Alvarez

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