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Armille, the suspension lamp designed by Studiòvo for Martinelli Luce

Young designers Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli from Studiòvo, in collaboration with the architect Paolo Frello, have paged through the manual of ancient history to give life to Armille, spectacular suspension by Martinelli Luce, whose name brings to mind the precious jewels worn by soldiers of the Roman Empire. Its etymology, from the Latin language armus (that is humerus, the bone of the upper arm), leads us directly to ancient Rome, a time of prosperity and strength in which the brave soldiers of imperial Army played the role of protagonists of city life, fighting in cruel battles. On the wrist, but also on the arms and ankles they used to wear "armille", concentric bracelets of various materials (such as the metal rod, the metal elements detached, ivory, bone, amber etc. ), symbols of brilliant skill and irrepressible physicality. From the circular shape of these precious jewels, born today a decorative suspension, whose intensity is equal to the power of its original etymological meaning. All this is possible thanks to the diffused light from the white steel reflector opened in its upper part and, at the same time, from direct sunlight diffuser in satin opal methacrylate. Armille sees everything, and everything lights up. As a pupil, a brilliant light source, the suspension signed Studiòvo shows that he has learned its - history - lesson very well! Source: Studiòvo Photos: Benvenuto Saba Read more news related Studiòvo published at Infurma Visit the Studiòvo website Visit the Martinelli Luce website
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