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Anniversary of the iconic table lamp MJA (Memory of Jacques Adnet) by Lumen Center Italia

MJA (acronym of Memory of Jacques Adnet), still up to date, is really an iconic table lamp. Designed in 1929, produced in 2005, X anniversary in 2015. Designed in 1929 by Jacques Adnet, great exponent of French Modernist , started to be in production only in 2005 and today is fully-fledget into Classic Collection of Lumen Center Italia’s catalogue. 1929-2005-2015. The lamp, with a spherical cap on a quadrangular base. Is made of brass with a Palladium finish. Jacques Adnet (1900 - 1984), architect and designer , great exponent of French Modernist, was a very elegant man, as far as his design , time after time. Information & images by courtesy of Lumen Center Italia Visit the Lumen Center Italia website Read more news related Lumen Center Italia published at Infurma
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