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Annarosa Romano & Bruno Menegon bare the Florinda lamp in this new version for Modoluce

Nude is the new version of one of the best-selling lines from the Modoluce catalogue, characterised by baroque opulence, interpreted with light freshness. Everything is at sight for Florinda Desnuda that, completely stripped of its handmade pleated fabric cover, shows its beautiful structure: multiples of shades creating a flower-shape, realised in metallic wire folded and then welded by hand to combine a circular composition from diameters 63 cm up to an imposing 150 cm. Also the plate that supports the shades is in metal and the light sources, precisely because naked, are elegant and retrò taste bulbs with carbon filaments. Florinda Desnuda is proposed in galvanized finishing copper, chrome or brass and in a painted version white, black or coral matt. Florinda Desnuda doesn’t bail on her parent in pleated fabric, but it keeps the same contemporary style, moving towards an essential taste: designed for a luxury home and for large spaces such as hotel halls or restaurants. Source: Modoluce Read more news related ModoLuce published at Infurma Visit the Modoluce website
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