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Ànima, the lamp designed by Roger Vancells for Estiluz inspired by Japanese mythology

The new Ànima model by Estiluz is signed by the designer Roger Vancells. In the words of its creator, “it is inspired by the Hitodama, which — according to Japanese folklore— represent the wandering souls of the recently deceased, which float in the air, taking on the shape of a bright flame”.
It is a hanging lamp that combines beauty and sensuality, expressivity and warmth in equal parts.
Perfect in any kind of contemporary space, this design with its elliptic shape frames a beam of light defined by a play of light and shade, which accentuates and highlights its delicate limits with curved contours. Available in black and white, the piece adds a dynamic air to any room thanks to its rigid polyurethane foam shade, which perfectly combines with the cloth cable in black or red. Hidden under its skin, a heart of LED technology illuminates the inside of its body and projects a strong beam of direct light, which ensures homogeneous light in any space, at the same time as it adds a touch of personality.
Due to its LED technology, the light emitted by Ànima generates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, perfect in the home environment. Furthermore, thanks to its low consumption and its instant shine, it is ideal for rooms that need to have a light on for a long time. Functionality, style and modern design. Three characteristics that define Ànima to perfection, a luminaire that finds its most outstanding symbols of identity in its light spirit, its ethereal soul and its suggestive forms.
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