Unique kitchens with the new Stucco and Fusion finishes by Innovus

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The kitchen is the space where special moments are cooked and something as important as gastronomy is enjoyed. It is the core of the home and its good design is fundamental, therefore Innovus offers the ideal coatings in its Stucco and Fusion collections. 

Photo: Kitchen with Stucco Yang Marble finish (ref. F2273) on the wall, furniture and island, and Fusion Salerno Oak Golden (ref. M6263) finish on the countertop and details on the island furniture

Finishes with aesthetics and colours inspired by nature are the trend. Stucco and Fusion by Innovus are two new finishes of different styles but with the common design denominator of a natural style and being a high performance product that shows a certain character of exclusivity. 
The textures and touch are the centre of the new trends. 
Stucco is the new texture with the feel of cement and ceramics, inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and materials of natural origin. 
A very tactile structured surface with a level of balanced brightness that reflects the tendency of broken, dry structures or rocky landscapes, without losing the comfort of touch. 
Stucco is a multipurpose surface developed to ensure the perfect coordination between cement and stone surfaces, but which can also be applied to more rustic wood colours or structures. 

Photo: Kitchen with the Stucco Yin Marble (ref. F2272) finish on the island and walls and the Fusion New Moon (ref. M6267) finish on the island and furniture

The Fusion finish doesn't stand out only for its visual appeal. In fact, the part that is perhaps most important and differentiating is that it is a specific finish that can be felt by touch. 
The Fusion finish has a warm and natural texture inspired on hand-worked wood. It is a material that results from a process of experimentation, innovation and re-interpretation of nature, with a wonderful appearance and texture, creating special impact in terms of its looks and touch. 
Fusion, which incorporates the most advanced technical characteristics, is a texture used on all kinds of decorative wood panels. A finish that conveys the nature of wood. 
Kitchens with finishes of great character take a leading role in the home, something that Stucco and Fusion by Innovus achieve perfectly. 

Photo: Stucco Yin Marble (ref. F2272), Stucco Yang Marble (ref. F2273), Fusion Salerno Oak Golden (ref. M6263) and Fusion New Moon (ref. M6267) by Innovus

Innovus is a brand of Sonae Arauco that offers complete solutions for use in interior decoration projects. The range includes Melamine (MF), Thermolaminated (HPL) and Compact (HPL C) decorative solutions. Innovus offers unlimited options for inspiration and creation. 
Source: Sonae Arauco 
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