Comprex presents its high-performance Kitchen collections for Small Spaces

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Having to cope with limited space does not mean you have to give up design and functionality, especially in the kitchen, one of the most important rooms of the home, both in terms of need and conviviality. On the contrary: if each and every centimeter is well designed, the results can be surprising in terms of beauty and comfort. 

Filo Collection

Comprex  offers modular solutions that can fit in a variety of sized spaces, developing along a single wall or in tight corners which often are the link with the living room. All of this is possible with maximum comfort, essential in the kitchen, offered in a variety of materials according to specific budgets and needs. With Filo, Linea and Segno, Comprex offers three dynamic kitchen solutions where care has been given to their beauty. 
Captivating, well structured, geometric shapes that show strong personality, even in small spaces. To use each centimeter available at the best way, this composition offers several solutions including Move, an innovative vertical opening system. Very light, Move is made with an aluminum structure and can be blocked at any opening position. This function is guaranteed by fully-extracting telescopic guides, allowing easy access to the cupboard. 
The finishes of the kitchen in the image are: columns and island in Agate Grey HRM matte melamine; Move element and snack bar in Peal Ash Natural Touch. 
Elegance, beauty and functionality are the key words that define Filo, proposed in the Slim version with island. In this case, the containment system is also supported by a closed cabinet with maxi doors. The Omnia system is useful both in terms of space and beauty. It consists of modular elements with containers that can be hung freely in any position to hold kitchen accessories with great rationality. To best use the space in the Comprex base corner cabinets, we also recommend the Le Mans mechanism that makes even tight, poorly functional spaces easy to use, and keeps movement is fluid, practical and independent for each shelf. 
The finishes of the kitchen in the image are: island and top cupboards in Arctic White Comprex Lux; Column and Omnia insert elements in Earth Natural Touch. 
Segno is a kitchen model with a linear design and architectural volumes that are ideal for combination with the living area, which together with the kitchen becomes the beating heart of each home. In the configuration shown, the top cupboards reflect the lower ones providing an optimum result for its beauty and the functional distribution of the storage areas. 
The finishes of the kitchen configuration in the image are: top cupboards in Dove Comprex Lux and base cupboards in Grey Comprex Lux; Amber Ash Natural Touch for the boiserie panel. 
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