The Art of Living, the first high-end appliance showroom from Frigicoll designed by Isabel Lopez Vilalta

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TAOL (The Art of Living), is the first high-end appliance showroom from Frigicoll, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the sector. It is located in the midst of the Salamanca neighborhood, one of the most important commercial areas of Madrid, and Isabel Lopez Vilalta+Asociados designed a space according to the concept and objective of the showroom. 
The studio explains how they carried out it, 
The founding premise of the project was that the product should be the center of attention at all times, and treated as a work of art. To accomplish this, we designed a gallery-like space where the client can observe the products, and also enjoy the different ways in which they are exhibited. 
An informal meeting space with a large LED screen is the entry point, giving glimpses of the appliances exhibited parallel to the main façade. With its large picture windows, the whole interior of the showroom serves as a kind of display case. The choice of materials and the use of backlighting and indirect lighting contribute to a sense of spectacle. There is a cultural space in the center of the room, consisting of a multipurpose room, a tasting room and a show cooking space. 
The tasting room, also used for meetings, is one of the most singular spaces in the showroom, and is separated from the main space by two large, natural-fiber curtains. The show cooking area is an innovative space created so that clients can see the products in use by professional chefs. 
The team has aimed to create an unforgettable shopping experience via a cozy, exquisite and relaxing atmosphere in a space that is both industrial and contemporary in feel. This has been achieved thanks to meticulous lighting design as well as the use of materials such as wood, brass, iron, and lacquered glass. 
Fact Sheet 
Project: Frigicoll- The Art of Living 
Location: Villanueva, 36, 28001 Madrid 
Interior Designer: Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados 
Isabel López 
Miquel Camps 
Jordi García 
Marta Alonso 
Carlos Rodríguez 
Nuria Ballesteros 
Xavier Escriu 
Date: Diciembre 2016 
Area: 630m2 
Client: Frigicoll S.A. 
Photographer: Alejo Bagué 
Engineering: Tectisa 
Mobles 114 
Custom design furniture by ILV+Asociados 
Source: Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados 
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