Movistar eSports Center, the high performance center of the Movistar Riders Team designed by Stone Designs at Matadero Madrid

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The project “Movistar Riders” is supported by some values that are reflected in the esthetic and functionality of the space that Stone Designs studio has created. 
And so they explain us, 
The first one, is the respect for the building where the project is located. It is a building with a noticeable and symbolic architecture in our city and we wanted to respect it. We have created a series of structures that contrast in materials and co-exist with the building in an armonic way. They add value to each other, and together they emphasize one another. Our project shows respect for our culture and traditions, and it refers to the respect that player will have to others players. 
In a second place, we have turned around what would be an easy resource in this kind of projects. Instead of getting inspired by the esthetic of the gaming world, we thought that it was much more important to get inspired by the team. They are the soul of this project, and that is why the space has to be dedicated to them. They are going to spend a very long time in this space, and our duty is to make them feel at home. And that is what were looking for when we selected the materials and the esthetic of the place. 
Nowadays technology is part of our day by day, and so do video games. But there was a time when technology made humanity dream with other worlds, unimaginable frontiers and with the idea of getting to farther places than our moon. During this time, anyone could imagine itself in places where no one else had ever been to, imagining how would be those possible civilizations that no one knew if really existed. Video games made us dream bigger than even the NASA engineers did. 
That time, when the NASA and Russia worked together has allowed us to create an elegant space, but with a retro futuristic touch. This space allows anyone to feel the warmth of the wood, and also it delights us with organic forms, trapezoidal doors, spaces and seats inspired by those surroundings that were used to create the imaginery of the spacial era. 
We have created a cozy and functional space so that all the team members feel identified and respected.  It is a space where the team feeling has to prevail above any other thing. It is a space, with such a strong image, that every single detail breaths the brand and team colors. The new Movistar Riders space is, with no doubt, an elegant place where it is shown that “gamers” are proffesionals. 
The perception of the visitors is “a serious space” in terms of business, where some players are fully dedicated to their proffesion. 
NAME: Movistar eSports Center 
TYPE OF PROJECT: Gaming Center 
DESIGNER: Stone Designs 
PHOTO CREDITS: Alberto Monteagudo 
SIZE: 1.000 M2 
Source: Stone Designs 
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