Manuel Torres Design is inspired by Coco Chanel for the new Showroom of Rius De Forns in Barcelona

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MANUEL TORRES DESIGN has been commissioned to provide essence and luxury to a comprehensive interior design for a shop of 65sq.m., to RIUS DE FORNS, company established  in 1922 and with an excellent handcraft tradition specialized in the manufacture and sale of accessories such as headgears, hats and custom wedding veils. 
RIUS DE FORNS is located in the elegant neighborhood of Sarria located in the upper area of Barcelona. It has a unique portfolio of clients to work like Tot-Hom, Rosa Clara, Pronovias, etc. 
The project consisted in the adaptation of a space of 65m2 that is divided into 5 zones: showroom, warehouse, atelier, tester and a service area; All under the scenographic setting of the golden age of the 1920s as a leitmotiv of the project, along with inspiration in COCO CHANEL as a historical reference of fashion and its beginnings in this same activity. The result is a mixture of contrasts that transports us to the luxury, elegance and sophistication of the early 20th century in the Barcelona of the XXI century, a magical atmosphere endowed with a vintage appearance at the same time as avant-garde and eclectic; definitely a very bold concrete intervention. 
To give identity to the project, RIUS DE FORNS transports you to the golden age of the early XX century from the façade where both the windows and the access door are carefully designed and in which the wood and the forge help us reinforce the vintage air promoted by the corporate identity with aesthetics and typography according to the time. 
Mention should be made of the scenographic setting of the windows, scullated by gondolas suspended from the ceiling at different heights made of iron painted in black and wood. Where different pieces designed to meet the needs of the showroom are presented by a zenith and almost weightless light before the consumer who walks in the street, evoking the care put into its realization as well as meticulousness. 
Tradition and quality are the concepts that are shaped in the form of noble materials, such as oak and black iron found on both the pavement and the vertical walls as well as all the furniture, creating pieces totally tailored for To cover the needs of the studio such as: niches, cabinets, gondolas, a Chester sofa, Thonet style chairs, etc. All this combined with an application on gold paper placed on the ceiling and the wall of the niches that, framed by a led perimetral light, enhances the personality and exclusivity of the store. 
The spaces are clearly defined thanks to a marked scene lighting, studied in detail, which generates different scenes by a contrast of light and shadows. A contrast that increases thanks to the smoke mirrors distributed throughout the room, mirrors that also bring a lot of space. 
The clothing workshop is separated from the rest of the showroom by a backlaced black glass structure reinforced with a wooden structure so that it fuses perfectly with the whole, providing privacy to seamstresses while providing its customers a retail customer Unique and unmatched experience. 
MANUEL TORRES DESIGN has thus created a magical space, where to give free rein to the imagination and the creation of headdresses, veils and accessories, since it is a place "created to create". The true protagonist is the product and the artisan talent, whose textures and colors want to stand out in a contemporary yet cozy space. 
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