Isabel López Vilalta turns around to the Soleo Marbella Beach Club restaurant with contemporary maritime and nautical flavours

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For the Spanish interior design studio Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados, each project is an inspiration and, on this occasion, soaked by saltpeter, Mediterranean and glamor of the Marbella people, has been carried away in the transformation of the Soleo Marbella Beach Club restaurant, giving it a very seafaring and nautical air, and thus the guests are able to enjoy proximity to the sea and the swinging of its waves. 
This project was carried out for the Fuerte Marbella, a cozy hotel located only a few steps from Marbella's old town. An emblematic fixture of the city, the hotel was celebrating its 60th anniversary, and wanted to take advantage of the fact to update its image, along with the menu of its new restaurant, the Soleo Marbella Beach Club
The design took inspiration from Marbella in 1957, the year of the hotel's inauguration, when the city was a simple fishing village. José Luque, founder of Fuerte Group Hotels, decided to open the first hotel in the center of Marbella. It is a space inspired by traditional Mediterranean elements, with a sailor vibe drawn from the 1950s. 
The idea behind this redesign was to use mirrors throughout the space to reflect the magic of the sea surrounding the diners and allow them to enjoy the landscape from all angles. Meanwhile, tables set with ceramic boards ground the ambience and link to the natural world as do the hexagonal mosaics on the floor. The color palette is filled with reds and browns that evoke twilight in the region, and natural cloths in sailor stripes are an immediate reminder of summer. 
The boundaries between interior and exterior space all but disappear due to a design feature built to emulate a ship, which allows diners to enjoy two different atmospheres: a cozier interior area where the attention is on the furnishings make of iroko wood and an exterior area, sheltered by awnings in the shape of sails which, together with the lapping of the waves, gives guests an authentic nautical experience. 
Project: Soleo Marbella Beach Club 
Location: Av. Duque de Ahumada, 29602 Marbella 
Interior Designer: Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados 
Isabel López 
Jordi García 
Nuria Ballesteros 
Roc Isern 
Date: Marzo 2017 
Area: 170m2 
Client: Grupo El Fuerte 
Photographer: Fernando Alda 
Engineering: We Project 
Mobiliario diseño ILV+Asociados 
Source: Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados 
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