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Immaculate aesthetics for bathroom furnishings with HI-MACS®, increased by its hygienic properties and impermeability

Attention to details makes the difference between a dull furnishing and an eye catching one. When planning the bathroom furnishing all aspects must be taken into consideration, both the design and the functionality and the material used have a big influence on the final outcome.

Due to its hygienic properties and its impermeability HI-MACS® was the ideal material to use for this bathroom furnishing. The furniture case, countertop and washbasin were all made of HI-MACS® invisibly seamed, thus obtaining a surface that is easy to clean and care for. Given the fact that it was the child’s bathroom, the architect chose a chromatic contrast for the furniture, using pastel shades from the HI-MACS® palette for the painted MDF with extramat supercoat finishing. For a more powerful visual effect the handless grips have been painted in a distinct color. Using HI-MACS® Alpine White for the wall cladding gives the entire room an immaculate appearance and the seamless joins ensure a continuous surface. Inserts of HI-MACS® Banana, Lemon Squash, Light Green and Gray that match the furniture color offer a joyful look. A surprising element in this bathroom is the radiator that is made of HI-MACS®, using exactly the same pattern with inserts that can be found on the wall cladding. Fitted with a towel rail made from stainless steel with satin finish, this radiator provides the thermal confort thanks to the high heating power cooper spiral that can be found behind the HI-MACS® case.

Location: Bucarest, Rumania Design: Equipo Diseño Atvangarde | Adriana Tihon Fabricator: Atvangarde Materials: HI-MACS® Banana, Lemon Squash, Light Green y Gray, pintado en MDF Photo: Stelian Popa Information & images by courtesy of HI-MACS® Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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