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Come Casa!, an experimental exhibition with the interiors’ design through bread. Organized by CDICV at Las Naves

Las Naves Exhibition Hall, a vanguard location located near the port of Valencia, will host a 'Come Casa!' exhibition from February 6th, an innovative project that aims towards the viewer having an experience in interior design through the link between the concept of home and bread. The exhibition forms part of the calendar of events for 'See You in Valencia', the initiative that includes the joint celebration at Feria Valencia of Cevisama, Habitat and Fimma - Maderalia as well as a series of events, showrooms and exhibitions. 'Come Casa!' will be, precisely, one of the planned activities and comes from the Interior Designers Association of Valencia (CDICV). The exhibition comes from the winning 'The habitable, inhabited and lived' project, through which the interior designers Carmen Baselga, Belen Moratalla and Mariola Marcet propose an innovative game between the concept of home and bread. The exhibition undergoes the idea of ​​shelter and food representing both concepts and turns them into something that is part of our everyday life and essence. Through these synergies, 'Come Casa!’ exhibition is structured around five different rooms in which there will be only one thing in common: two loaves of bread, one halved and another whole, inviting the visitor to try the food. Their intention is that visitors can experience how it affects the environment when doing an everyday action such as eating bread. The exhibition includes the participation of Las Naves, Centre for Contemporary Creation and the Valencia council and it will remain open until April 23rd. All information is available on the website ( and the sample website and Source: Feria Habitat Valencia Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related the CDICV published at Infurma
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