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Woodenland, the wooden labyrinth designed by Piero Lissoni at Porro duriniquindici showroom during the Milan Design Week

’Once upon a time, there was a king’, my little readers will immediately say. ‘No, children, you are wrong. There was a piece of wood.’ Carlo Collodi (author of Pinocchio). The Italian word for wood, legno, derives from the Latin “lignum” which, according to some etymologists, derives its meaning from lègere (to select, to collect). In the Chinese tradition, the element of wood represents Spring, therefore birth and rebirth. A true patrimony of the company, the selection of Porro woods is renewed each year and is personally curated by Lorenzo Porro, who has a deep memory of the history and deep knowledge of the material, together with Piero Lissoni who, with his sensitivity as an architect and designer suggests nuances and uses which are always new. The vision of the stylist and that of the tailor intertwine in the creation of a palette of 16 wooden essences, conceptually divided into 3 categories, suggesting a unique service offered by Porro: the possibility of working the wood with a broad spectrum of personalizations, for a custom-made habitat which fits us perfectly, like a tailor-made suit. Porro’s savoir-faire on wood filters through in a conceptual manner in the “Woodenland” installation by Piero Lissoni in the Porro duriniquindici showroom: an itinerary where the regular grid of the System bookcase is transformed into a natural labyrinth in which to discover different essences, where a file rouge guides the visitor, helping him or her to orient themselves through the finishes. Showing “on its own skin” the new essences, System modules the space in the pursuit of naturalness, in a gradual passage of colours and textures. Porro duriniquindici via Durini 15 - Milano 08/13 April h. 10:00 – 21.00 Installation: P.Lissoni Concept Styling: Elisa Ossino Studio At the fair, the new wooden products make their own debut, such as Loop Mirror by Front,  Galileo Table and Modern cupboard by Lissoni, and the new inlaid cupboards by Alessandro Mendini. Information and images by courtesy of Porro Read more news related with Porro published at Infurma Visit the Porro website Visit the Porro sheet at Infurma
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