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Schedule of ‘See You in Valencia’ activities from the 11th to the 14th of February

Exhibitions, conferences, circuit design and showrooms complement the joint celebration of Cevisama, Hábitat, Fimma and Maderalia next week at Feria Valencia. The IVAM, Muvim, the Sant Puis V Museum, La Rambleta, Las Naves and the Colón Museum will host various design related shows throughout the week. All set for 'See You in Valencia 2014'. The initiative, which brings together the joint celebration of Cevisama, Habitat, Fimma and Maderalia from the 11th to the 14th of February together with a complete cultural and art programme, has already set its agenda of activities. Under 'See You in Valencia' a series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, showrooms and design circuits are structured to be held over the next week both at  Feria Valencia and, especially, the city of Valencia. In this sense, emblematic places such as the IVAM, Muvim, the Santi Pius V Museum, La Rambleta, Las Naves and the Colón Market will be activity stages where vanguard and tradition is paired, forming a unique event in the design stage of our country. Design, architecture and interior design in Valencia The 'cap i casal' hosts some of the most interesting exhibitions scheduled this week in design, architecture and interior design. This is the case of the 'XL / XS. Designed by Architects' show, which will open on the 12th of February at La Rambleta and it includes the contribution of the world of architecture to design involving works by Alvaro Siza, Alejandro Zaera, Piero Lissoni, Fabio Novembre and Toyo Ito. Similarly, the Las Naves vanguard space will host the exhibition ‘Come Casa!’ in which the Interior Designers Association of the Valencian community experiments around the interior design from the experience of eating bread. Meanwhile, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, hosts an exhibition that also commemorates a designated event, such as 50 years of Feria Habitat Valencia. It is about the 'Legs' exhibition, which brings the interpretation that a table leg makes design teachers such as Ron Arad, Ingo Mauer, Ettore Sottsass or Philippe Starck. Related with the innovation in the sector, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is the scene of the anthology show 'Furnishing habitat with nature', whereby the Technological Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging and related, AIDIMA, discloses in a didactic way, the relevance of the field of wood and furniture and the process of modernization that has been made ​​in recent years, as well as the importance of proper forest management. Within the 'See You in Valencia' framework the fifth edition of the Valencia Design Week is also celebrated, organized by the Designers Association of the Valencian Community. Among their most important activities planned at the Sant Pius V Museum is the 'From Valencia with Design' exhibition, with the top 100 international designs that are 100% Valencian, as well as an exhibition about graphic design to be held in the Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity (Muvim). In addition, it has also structured a "Circuit Design” which will tour the shops, showrooms or the most fashionable ‘pop up stores’ in the city. All this will be complemented by presentations that different Cevisama, Habitat, Fimma and Maderalia exhibitors will perform in unique venues in the city. This is the case of the ceramics firm Inalco and the Canella Furniture, which will exhibit a sample of its offerings at the Colón Market, while other exhibitors such as Capdell, Lladró, Olivari and Fulgor Milano also plan to organize various events in the city. Ciutat Vella will also host events around design, such as the one organized in the Plaza del Correo Viejo by the 'Connect' initiative, which will convert an old and renovated building into a multi-exhibition space. Fair grounds: dialogues between trends The cultural agenda of 'See You in Valencia' is also dimensioned at the Feria Valencia fair grounds itself. Therefore, together with the showcase that forms the commercial offer of 1,400 brands present at the four exhibitions; they will develop various forums, initiatives and first class professional meetings. One of the most significant initiatives is the holding of the second edition of the Comprehensive Building Rehabilitation Congress (Ried) that will meet in the Events Center of Feria Valencia with nearly 300 architects on the 11th and 12th of February. Already at the fairgrounds, one of the most dynamic spaces will be Agora nude, located on Level 3 Hall 6 and it has scheduled a series of conferences with the participation of leading professionals in the world of fashion such as Enrique Loewe, textile specialist Pablo Diaz, the architect Ramón Esteve and the guru of Spanish design Juli Capella. In this space future habitat trends will also be presented by the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH). The Agora nude will be, also, the space where the Cevisama Lab Architecture and Design Forum will be held from the 12th to the 14th of February, which this year will feature presentations by the interior designer Susanna Cots, ASCER award winners architects Pol Femenías, Aitor Fuentes and Jordi Ayala and industrial designer Miguel Herranz. Alongside these dialogue forums, the fairground also hosts landmark exhibition spaces, such as Trans / hitos, under the slogan 'Reflections' will show pieces and spaces that will reflect the excellent possibilities of applications and solutions that the ceramic material can offer in areas such as architecture, urban planning and interior design. It will feature especially the ceramic double-curved surface cover that will be floating three feet off the ground and that has been designed in collaboration with Harvard University. This space will host, among other activities, the awards ceremony of the International Cevisama Ceramic Design Competition and the Onda Ceramic Outdoor Furniture Exhibition. Another unique area at the Feria Valencia exhibition grounds will be the nude Salon, authentic Spanish quarry design, where the 2014 edition will bring together 21 designers, design studios and schools in a single space designed by the creative Nadadora team. Following the spirit of art, next to the nude Salon, Level 3 Pavillion 6, the expected 'Bravos' exhibition will be located, an exhibition that brings together the work of 21 Spanish designers with extensive international presence. It is the first time that this sample can be seen in Spain, having traveled through various American and Asian cities. The schedule of activities at the fair will continue throughout the week with events such as the 'Contract Business Area' initiative, professional meetings between prescribers of the contract segment and exhibitors. The contract channel will be one of the major themes of the four exhibitions. Proof of this will be the celebration of the 'Keys for design, equipment and hotel management' Conference, organized by the Technological Hospitality Institute and Feria Valencia will analyze the latest innovations in architecture and design in the hospitality field. Amazing, also, will be the EXCO Technical Conference organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the fourth edition of the Innova Ceramic Meetings or the conference scheduled by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass around innovation. This association will grant the first day of the long awaited exhibition by the ceramics sector Alfa de Oro Awards. Also agencies such as ICEX will repeat their 'Café with experts' meetings, with practical tips in this case on how to access the German habitat market. Similarly, the Hyspalit association will hold their ‘Brick Day’ on February 12th, the same as Proalso who will also develop under the Cevisama framework their traditional 'Meeting of Installers'. You can see the update of the schedule with times, locations, etc ... online on Source: Nos Vemos en Valencia Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Visit the 2014 Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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