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Munna debuts limited edition pieces at Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 in UK

From 21st - 23rd May of 2013, recognized Portuguese brand, Munna, will exhibit for the first time at Clerkenwell Design Week in London at Order of St John, Priory Hall,  Stand 9. Clerkenwell design week was the momentum chosen by the brand for the world premiere of the Limited Edition collection - Dress Me.

Soft & Creamy Armchair revisited by Gonçalo Campos

Munna has prepared an unique installation that recreates a living environment of an art gallery. Dress me is an inspiring limited edition collection, designed to inspire collectors, art consultants, museum experts, interiors specialists, that will evoke the desire to explore craft and creativity further so as to unearth the ideas and processes that inspire the work of each designer. The limited edition gathers 7 pieces, totally reinvented by 7 different designers invited by Munna to select and reinterpret a piece from Munna's Fetiche collection. The result is a truly mesmerizing limited edition of 7 iconic pieces - only 12 items from each piece are available - signed and numbered by the author.

Soft & Creamy armchair revisited by Gonçalo Campos and Heritage armchair revisited by Susana Martins, are the first pieces of the Dress Me collection that will be unveiled in this edition of Clerkenwell.

Heritage Armchair revisited by Susana Martins

The designers took their inspiration from varied areas such the history of art nouveau, objects from the Art Deco period, jewelry, and then they transformed completely the piece they have selected from Munna's well-known Fetiche collection. The outcome is an eclectic and innovative collection, a fusion between art and design, classicism and uniqueness. The key elements of Limited Edition collection - Dress Me. Source: Munna Read more news related Munna published at Infurma Read more news related Clerkenwell Design Week published at Infurma Visit the Munna website Visit the Clerkenwell Design Week website
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