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Kebony’s sustainable wood featured in Battersea Power Station’s pop-up park

Kebony company has contributed to new Battersea Power Station’s pop-up park. The pop-up phenomenon has this year brought to life many disused spaces in London for the benefit of local communities.  The latest space revival is a pop-up park, set in the shadows of Battersea Power Station, which is open to weekend visitors.  The pop-up park, designed by LDA Design, uses Kebony wood to create features from the electrical remnants of the power station, providing a series of structures to frame the views of the imposing towers and the river Thames. Kebony is a pioneering company at the pinnacle of global, environmental and sustainable innovation, the Kebony wood is a sustainable, award-winning product and is a primary component of the park. The designers aimed to incorporate the old industrial aspects of the site into the new park to create an environment that complements the history of the area. Kebony’s Southern Yellow Pine was used in the pop-up park for both its aesthetic and hard-wearing qualities, making it a sound choice for its exposed, river-side position. The unique Kebonisation process is applied to softwoods and endows them with the strength and durability of tropical hardwoods so that the wood becomes resistant to wear and decay. For some time wood had become unacceptable for use in construction due to environmental pressures and regulation. Kebony’s new wood is fully compliant with the EU Timber Legislation, which came into effect earlier this year and bans illegal tropical timber from entering the market. Kebony therefore allows wood to again become the material of choice for architects, developers and designers and diverting demand from tropical forests. Kebony’s new wood has been used in a number of high-profile, international projects, including the new Mary Rose museum, the Bexhill Beach Shelters and KREOD. The park’s designer, Cannon Ivers of LDA Design said: “We specified Kebony’s timber as a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, which is typically selected for its durability in external landscape projects.  Working with Kebony to create the bespoke appearance we were after was effective and efficient.  We continue to consider Kebony timber in our future projects.” Jan Terje Nielsen, Marketing Director at Kebony, added: “Battersea Power Station’s pop-up park is a fantastic project and has been strikingly designed, aided by the use of Kebony’s wood, the park is a beautiful place from which to view the power station at close quarters”. Source: Kebony Read more news related Kebony published at Infurma Visit the Kebony website
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