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Intriguing activities, light Installations and flash factories at designjunction2015

From 24-27 September, designjunction will bring The College and Victoria House B1 to life with a host of inspiring installations, live activities and flash factories - which will highlight the intricate making process of product design. Expect to find pioneering lighting displays using the latest technology, artisan crafts which belong to the past, live ‘one minute portraits’ and debates questioning the future of design... One show, two locations: The College, 12-42 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AP and Victoria House, 37 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4DA What to see at The College Lighting installations Haberdashery – Light Sculpture London-based design consultancy, Haberdashery will show DISCODISCO – an impressive sound responsive light sculpture. The 21st century disco ball, sends dynamic patterns of light shimmering across the surrounding wall, floor and ceiling surfaces. Currently in prototype form, this custom artwork is being developed into a fully-fledged modular and scalable lighting solution. See it first at #designjunction2015! LUUM– Light installation Contemporary lighting studio LUUM will launch their stunning new collection, Flame, in a dramatic 20-metre installation hanging from the main stairwell. Softly glowing ‘flames’ are captured within delicate glass bubbles and appear to float away from their cable tethers. Described as contemporary and poetic in their design approach, LUUM combine sculpture and light, playfully transforming the surrounding environment. Curver Leading plastic manufacturer Curver, part of the Keter Group, in collaboration with London-based design studio FranklinTill, will present the innovative KNIT by Curver collection. This will be exhibited in a design-led and colour- nspired five-storey staircase installation at the main stairwell that positions the collection’s 3D design within the context of emerging colour trends. Live activities Kirkby Design - Get ‘doodled’ NYC based doodle artist Jon Burgerman celebrates his new collaboration with contemporary fabric brand Kirkby Design. Look out for his live ‘one minute portraits,’ created for visitors during the opening party on Wednesday 23 September Central Saint Martins – WTF Design Education Central Saint Martins will host a bold debate which questions the future of industrial design education. Join the probing discussions around what industrial design education needs to be, how it needs to be delivered and what its focus should be.  MA students from Central Saint Martins will make a physical conclusion to the debate in the onsite, live studio throughout the week Flash factories Biswa Bangla - Ancient Arts Biswa Bangla will be promoting the artisans and weavers of Bengal, India. They will be demonstrating UNESCO protected dying techniques of handmade muslin weaving, as well as the ancient art of Patachitra – a way of storytelling through hand paintings, made on cloth with vegetable paints. Watch out for Biswa Bangla precessions throughout the show, where the craftsmen and women will parade through both venues with a vibrant live performance Coelacanth Shokudou. LLC – A Japanese Artisan Watch Osami Mizuike demonstrate the ancient craft of nigari basami – a technique used to make stunning, traditional Japanese scissors. The 70-year- old, who is the last man alive to know the trade, is now looking for a successor to carry on the craft at #designjunction2015. Laufen & Studio Appétit – The Gem Room This collaboration will bring the old jewellery workshop back to life, celebrating the marriage of design and taste in a must-see interactive exhibition.  Discover a modular installation, changing from a dynamic design space to an exclusive eating experience What to see at Victoria House B1 Flash factories Holdall & Co - Build a bag Holdall & Co will be offering a free monogram service by their in-house embossing expert, where customers will be able to watch purchases being personalised. Holdall & Co will also be offering a bespoke service allowing shoppers to custom design the perfect bag for their unique needs, made onsite by British artisan Kuku Big Bag - See the stitching Leather craftswoman Candice Lau will be demonstrating the traditional art of leatherwork using the technique of saddle stitching. This method of hand stitching is used across her Kuku Big Bag range -from hammering the holes into the leather with a prickling iron, to saddle stitching the pieces together. Wallace & Sewell - Learn the loom British textiles brand Wallace & Sewell will recreate their colourful studio, showing the design process from initial ideas to the final production on their intricate power looms.  Visitors will also have the chance to shop the brand’s beautiful weaves there and then. Handmade Alliance - Create a cushion Handmade Alliance will be demonstrating their cut-make-trim services in a live flash factory to showcase the launch of their new made to measure interiors.  Visitors can pick their favourite pantone and have a cushion stitched and finished in front of them by a truly diverse, British workforce. Installations Charity project - A Child’s Dream Look out for a herd of customised elephants! Painted, patterned, and accessorised by 21 world-renowned designers and architects who have added their personal touch to the iconic Eames Elephants – donated by Vitra. The unique designs will appear as an installation at designjunction2015 entitled A Child’s Dream – to raise funds and awareness for Teddy’s Wish charity. For more info click HERE. Source: designjunction Read more news related designjunction published at Infurma Visit the designjunction website Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar at Infurma
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