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Elisava consolidates itself as Europe’s motor of design by participating in the next Milan Design Week

ELISAVA, together with ACCIÓ and CCAM, presents the initiative Next Design Innovation to identify 6 original new ideas created by designers under the age of 35. These projects will be exhibited together with those carried out by other young designers coming from the so-called 4 Motors for Europe (Catalonia, Bade-württemberg, Lombardy and Rhône-Alpes). This initiative is part of the Fuorisalone 2016 in the framework of the Milano Design Week. The Fuorisalone has acquired importance during the past years and now it is much more than a set of events that complement the Salone Intenazionale del Mobile. It has become an unavoidable meeting point for professionals in design. Within this framework, Next Design Innovation will take place. It is a project in which ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering will be prominent by showing a total amount of 6 innovative ideas. Next Design Innovation This project aims to highlight the new realities of the makers of the 4 Motors for Europe, as well as of those coming from other European regions. It selects 6 designers (individual or teams) who are able to develop their ideas (about specific areas) and to make them real through a project and prototype by using spaces, equipments (mainly using digital manufacturing tools: 3D printers, CNC and laser cutting machine) and ELISAVA’s professional experience. In Catalonia, ELISAVA has launched this call in collaboration with ACCIÓ and CCAM (Consortium for Trade, Craftwork and Fashion in Catalonia), both of them affiliated to Generalitat de Catalunya’s Ministry of Business and Knowledge. The support to this project is set in the framework of the Push Programme for Design Manufactures in Industrial Strategy in Catalonia.   Participants Projects «Vanity Lamp», by Bruno Peral Bey (Area of Interactive Furniture and Lighting) «Vanity Lamp» is a warm room light inspired on the pleated skirts of the 50s. It consists on a T-shaped tubular structure that hosts several led lights inside. A circular fabric cloth rests on this tube and dresses its structure. «Taste of Silence», by Teresa Baena (Area of New Household Tools and Appliances) With the aim to reflect about the disconnection from the digital world and to emphasize on human connection, the author of this project suggests a research and evaluation about the solutions regarding social contexts involved when eating «Testing Connections», by HUNCH (Area of Wearable Accessories and Garments for Work or Sport) The author’s intention is to create a useful tool to give consciousness on how reality changes depending on the level of connectivity implied. That’s why it creates smart clothing with frequency inhibitors 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. «Foro», by Kiwi Bravo (New Household Tools and Appliances) This proposal is based on facing technology with technology itself. During this project, there will be the creation of an element that acts as a technological inhibitor around the table (which is a space for social meetings). This way, everybody who shares this moment will be able to do it without any distraction. «Random Contact Machine», by Miguel Àngel Tejero (Boo in Barcelona) (Area of Interactive Furniture and Lighting) The proposal by Boo in Barcelona is a piece of furniture that randomly exchanges contact cards. The author wants to reflect about the use of social networks and to reinforce the professional elements that have survived to technological changes and maintained its social value, as business cards «Plantíferos», by Goula/Figuera (Area of Interactive Furniture and Lighting) A collection of rearing plants whose function is to change the necessary land to provide plants with the capacity to carry out the photosynthesis. This way, artificial and natural light are combined in a structure of elemental lines and sculptural spirit. Source: ELISAVA Read more news related Elisava published at Infurma
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