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The Munna unique style overflows personality with its novelties launched in Milan

The high-end upholstery Portuguese brand, Munna, launched in Milan its new pieces of the Fetiche collection, where crafts meets Art, Detail meets Form and Quality meets Character.

Becomes me 2 Seat Sofa

This 2 Seat Sofa embraces us as an invitation to relax from start to end.

Becomes me is characterized by a round comfortable back and the nails silhouette slides down from the back to the arms.

It is truly feminine, soft and pleasant that sets out to be like a second skin.

Soft & Creamy 2 Seat Sofa

Privacy and intimacy are the key concepts of Soft & Creamy 2 Seat Sofa.

This topping 2 Seat Sofa, features a modern high-backed design that curves around the highest point and features a row of buttons.

Shaped in generous proportions, with square tapered legs and splay back legs.

Lipstick 2 Seat Sofa

Art Deco inspired cocktail lounge 2 Seat Sofa.

The generous dimensions enhance the soft, elegant and linear design.

Modern design deco style in combination with the attributes of feminine elegance and sophisticated details.

Vertical pleated upholstered back with round tapered legs and splay back legs.

Monsieur T 2 Seat Sofa

A singular 2 Seat Sofa designed with a masterly equilibrium between the contemporary masculinity never forgetting the timeless grace impression.

Upholstered deep buttoned back and upholstered over seat pad.

Small low arms curve around the seat.

A 2 Seat Sofa with square tapered legs and splay back legs and exposed seat rail.

Source: Munna Visit the Munna website
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