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Savio Firmino celebrates its 70th Anniversary with an exclusive collection

Italian company Savio Firmino has celebrated its 70th Anniversary with the creation an exclusive Collection who could tell about our company’s history and at the same time look into the future’s developments of their collections. Designed by Guido Savio, they made the Anniversary Collection. The Style contain the same values added: design, style, precious materials and processes that is the sign of their fame in world markets. The room "Anniversary", cared in all details, is complete with bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers, mirror and bench. It is made through the use of valuable materials: Gold 18 karat, lacquer, bronze and precious marble "Breccia Medicea." The headboard is enhanced by a flowers bouquet. It is padded with a special velvet and made entirely by hand from Florentines master upholsterers.   All the wooden parts of the Anniversary Collection are the result of the proficient masters carvers hands. Every element of the Anniversary Collection are an unique example of exclusive knowledge of ancient and current sensibility.

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