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Ramiro Tarazona is recognized by the Furniture Traders Association of Aragon

On November 5, the Furniture Traders Association of Aragon, ACOMZA, celebrated the XXVI anniversary of the "Furniture Guild Day" in which event, the president D. Jesus Nebra Minguez, awarded to the company RAMIRO TARAZONA, SA with a commemorative plaques in recognition of a long and exemplary career within the furniture industry. The award was collected by its founder, D. Ramiro Tarazona. At the ceremony were also awarded, Muebles Turiaso retailer, and the commercial agent D. Enrique Aguel. The event was attended by Mr. José Blasco, President of Valencia Habitat Fair and representation of Aragonese institutions, Feria de Zaragoza, Chamber of Commerce, ECOS and Government of Aragón. RAMIRO TARAZONA SA is 40 years manufacturer of design furniture made of metal and glass forever. This company, a pioneer in its field, is located in the industrial area of ​​Tarazona, its products are 100% made in Spain, and can be purchased in stores mainly in Spain, France and Portugal. He has always characterized the quality and product innovation, seriousness in dealing and good after sales service. Currently has a wide range of products mainly Extendable dining tables, kitchen tables, coffee tables, chairs, shelving, TV, etc, all done with a modern design according to current vanguard trends. Ramiro Tarazona's sheet on Infurma
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