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Preview Milan: Expormim is bringing rattan back for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile

The upcoming furniture fair in Milan will be the setting for the presentation of Expormim’s new pieces made from rattan. From April 17-22, the company will be at a spectacular stand in Pavilion number 6. It is designed to represent the transition from interior to exterior in the most natural way possible: as natural as the company’s furniture. Rattan 2010 is Expormim’s new collection, in which the company has revisited and renewed some of its signature pieces. For this purpose, they requested the collaboration of well-known designers. Two of the pieces that will be presented during the prestigious Milan event are “Fontal” and “Náutica,” designed by Óscar Tusquets Blanca and Mut Design respectively. Expormim has been using rattan since its foundation in the 1960s. This time around, they wanted to take advantage of the material’s lightweight, flexible, sustainable and natural qualities, while innovating in terms of features. The results are pieces which use rattan in ways that diverge from its traditional role as a skin to cover a hidden structure; there is a movement toward visually light, contemporary structures.  FONTAL design Oscar Tusquets Blanca Designed by Oscar Tusquets, Fontal’s look reminds us of atraditional chair that has been given a new appearance, yet it maintains lightness, warmth and charm. Its creators have stated that “the project was born from the desire to take back rattan as a noble material, building on the rich tradition of craftsmanship in our country that supports its use.” To that end, they tried to give the hundred-year-old technique a new look, which was achieved by substituting the traditional strutting and joint wrapping for a twinning technique to join one reed to the next.


With this innovative option, the designers created a flexible yet resistant structure that is very lightweight. They define the chair as “light, warm, charming and luxurious in the true meaning of the word.”  NÁUTICA design Mut Design Náutica is a hanging chair that pays homage to one of the first pieces created by Expormim in the 1970s. The swing, created by Mut Design, is intended to surprise. Like the previous piece, it hits the nail on the head in its return to and reinvention of the use of rattan. As it hangs from a tree branch, or from a free-standing structure, Náutica stands out for the subtle play of shadows it creates as it moves--shadows which suggest the play of sunlight on ocean waves. Despite its visual lightness, the piece is characterized by its strength and resistance. It is also adequate for any setting, whether interior or exterior; it is an invitation to have fun with its movement and its design. As its creators explained, “Náutica is the result of an attention to detail, a desire for provocation and a respect for tradition in using rattan as the central material in its design.” Vist the Expormim website Visit the Expormim sheet at Infurma
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