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My Way: the new furniture collection by Vamasur is now available

Last January we reported the imminent release of the new catalog of this Andalusian company. Final News! ... Vamasur is now presenting their new collection; My Way. A furniture collection so full of opportunities that allows you to personalise and create a very special design, Your Way. Backed by the whole Vamasur team, they have worked hard to add this new line to their vision of wall units. Vamasur has focused on creating functional design for your living room furniture and managed to incorporate new design lines by following their slogan: If you like the design, you will love the price. My Way is a new furniture collection for your dining and living room with a flexible identity that gives you the chance to choose new lines, new designs, new finishes and colors from the latest trends and in the usual Vamasur Way at a reasonable price. You are welcome to enter into this world of compositions that you can adapt to your way of interior design. Tables, TV units, sideboards and wall units with the My Way design. We invite you to get to know a bit more about us by entering in where you can share in the latest from a company that is focused on offering you a product with an up to date design and at a reasonable price. Source: Vamasur Read more news related Vamasur published at Infurma Visit the Vamasur website Visit the Vamasur sheet at Infurma
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