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MOGART presents its new CONCERTO collection

Spanish furniture company MOGART has launched to the market its new collection. Concerto collection is made using MDF (MEDIM DENSITY FIBREBOARDS), lacquered, or veneered in natural european oak. You may combine the lacquered with the oak, or if you prefer, have all the furniture either lacquered or oak. The whole varnishing process is water-based, without using solvents, and so is environmentally friendly. Mogart have an "AIDIMA" (TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF FURNITURE) certificate, passing its tests and verifying the water-based process. Obtaining a very high rating of "INTERIOR FURNITURE FOR HEAVY USE". The Concerto´s first experience took place in REIM´S FAIR 2012, with a good acceptance on the part of clients and distributors. Mogart has 31 years of existence and exports since ten tears ago. Source: Mogart Read more news related Mogart published at Infurma Visit the Mogart website Visit the Mogart sheet at Infurma
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