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iSaloni 2015 preview: Suinta incorporates the mattress of the future into its sofa-beds with the nano-graphene technology

The Spanish company, Suinta, specialised in sofa-beds, is incorporating the nano-graphene technology into some of its products in order to offer the best results in innovation and comfort.

Innovation is up to date in Suinta. The company specialised in the production of design sofa beds is incorporating nano-graphene mattresses into its design sofa beds, an innovative technology that provides a better comfort to customers. Nano-graphene is a technology which not only keeps the propierties of the mattress materials intact, but it also improves them, ensuring maximum breathabilty and quality of the product. This technology has the same features as the visco-elastic foam, but the cells of the nanographene polymer are subject to less tension, so we can get a slower recovery rate. In addition, the natural opening of the cells allows a quicker relaxation of the foam, which provides an outstanding comfort.

SUINTA will present this innovation at the the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015 in Milan (HALL 14 - STAND E 33) where we will show that this new technology will bring the future into the field of rest furniture, both for homes and hotel complexes. Source: Suinta Visit the Suinta website
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